Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Understanding the basic components of the Millennium circulation environment and how each function works is key to efficiently using Millennium Circulation. Because there are often multiple ways of performing different tasks, this tutorial will introduce you to the various methods, and you will be able to decide which method is the most comfortable or most efficient for you or your staff. This tutorial starts with creating a patron record and then follows the steps used for most common circulation desk functions in an order in which you might normally encounter them. You'll walk through step-by-step instructions, examples, tips, and annotated illustrations of the Millennium Circulation environment. When you complete this tutorial, you will know and understand:
  • The basic components of the Millennium patron record and how to create and edit a patron record
  • How to check out and check in item records
  • Different ways to search, display, create and modify a hold
  • How to charge money, collect money and adjust fines

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